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In Class

I believe in putting students at the center and have them collaborate, share ideas, and try new things since we all learn through experience. 

We collaborate.

We share our stories.

Sharing a personal story by storyboarding and emotional map

Teaching Experiences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

We brainstorm.

      2020                  Instructor, School of Art & Design

                                  Fall 2020             ARTD 301- Industrial Design III



                                  Spring 2020        ARTD 302- Industrial Design IV



      2019                   Co-instructor, School of Art & Design

                                  Fall 2019             ARTD 328- Human-Centered Product Design



                                  Spring 2019        ARTD 202- Industrial Design II



     2018-2020      Teaching Assistant, School of Art & Design    


                                  Fall 2020            ARTD 270- Design Methods in Graphic Design


                                                                ARTD 251- Graphic Design Toolbox  



                                 Spring 2019         TE 401- Developing Breakthrough Projects: Design Thinking for Social Innovation     


                                 Fall 2018              ARTD 328- Human-Centered Product Design


                                                               ARTD 420- Disability Design      


      2020                Teaching Assistant, College of Business


                                 Spring 2020        BADM 366- Product Design and Development


We try new technologies.

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