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TooTakThe Art of Reading Farsi

The Challenge

Reading is one of the most basic ways for a child to connect with the world around them and progress in life, education, and work. However, Farsi is a complex language and learning how to read and comprehend it comes with its own challenges. Many elementary school students experience difficulty learning how to read Farsi. These challenges impact each child differently, for some it may lead to disengagement from particular learning activities while for others it may even lead to dropping out of school.

The Approach
To simplify the process of learning how to read Farsi, we are working with a method that has been invented and practiced by Ali Sedaghaty ( This method has been tested and used by community facilitators over the past 12 years to teach thousands of children, youth, and adults in Iran and Afghanistan how to read Farsi. We are working directly with these facilitators to co-create an application that creates the same experience in a digital environment.

Project Details
This project aims to build a mobile application that children ages 6-10 can use independently to learn to read Farsi. It is expected that these children have a minimum familiarity with the language and have heard of it in their home, school, or through media. This application enables children to assess their reading level through play and decide where to start. All activities and modules are based on storytelling, puzzles, and interactive games and children will learn through play.

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