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Green Shelf


Due to limited access to plots of lands in big cities, people are not able to grow their own vegetables. They spend a lot of money on vegetables because they are an important source of nutrients. In some cases, they even may not have access to fresh food and vegetables leading to an unhealthy diet including canned foods or snacks. How might we provide people with the possibility of having easy access to fresh and inexpensive vegetables enough for their daily usage?


Indoor farming provides the possibility of growing a variety of vegetables at home. Hydroponic systems use water rather than soil, and plants grow in a nutrient solution. They are popular methods of indoor farming because crops grow faster in them. Hydroponics take less space and consume less water than soil-based gardening.

Green shelf is a hydroponic (ebb and flow) indoor farming system allowing to grow a large volume of food in a small space. It makes you self-sufficient. 

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