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Design by Emotion

The courage to experience new things is what design has brought to my life; being brave and adventurous in digging up my life stories/experiences. Understanding everyone else's stories is a journey starting from myself. How would I listen to you and understand your story if I am not capable of sharing mine?

In Kindergarten

Although I had memorable moments in kindergarten, I did not feel right about following strict rules. Around noon, before the time our parents were going to pick us up from kindergarten, we had to sleep/rest for one hour even if we did not feel tired. Playing with my toys under the blanket, I was afraid of being punished by the teacher. It was a moment of fear and pleasure!

Although I was afraid of being punished, the joy of playing did not let me stop. This feeling was the inspiration for this project. I looked for sources of joy in my life since my childhood.

All I remember from my childhood is combined with the sound of bells of the goats while they were browsing. Also, the sound of the raw rice hitting a tray while some dancers were doing a traditional dance.

I brought together different elements including sounds and colors to make a playful concept.

I designed an experience by bringing together different sounds including sounds of water, bells, and rice that are sources of joy in my life.

Making a combination of sounds by moving and shaking different elements simultanously.

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