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An experimental design project with the focus on increasing the concentration by practicing breathing techniques. To encourage the users, interactive music has been used as an incentive. Every time the user breathes in and out into the microphone, there would be a new range of sounds made by the brass bowls hitting the brass paisleys. 


Growing old, people’s brains start to age around the late twenties. Improving concentration can result in making the brain’s aging process slower and keeping it sharp and young. Older adults are more susceptible to distraction under stress, or emotional arousal.

How might we motivate people to practice breathing techniques on a regular basis so that their concentration will be improved and their brains will stay sharp over time?


Learning breathing techniques and practicing them continually can increase concentration by releasing stress which is an internal cause of distraction. Breathe is a playful device that can keep the users motivated through active interaction with the device and getting involved in creating the music played by the device.

When someone breathes out to the microphone, the embedded water tank will release water. The level of water goes up until breathing out continues. The small brass bowls will randomly hit the still brass paisleys and make a random sound. This sound combines with the sound of the nature and creates a new piece of music.

Breathing out to the microphone initiates the music and it continues for a specific amount of time which is adjustable depending on the breathing technique. It will continue playing as long as the user keeps breathing.  The level of water goes up and down when the user breathes in and out. The small brass bowls floating on the water will hit the brass paisleys randomly and each time create a different combination of sound and music.

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