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Everyone and everything has a story.

I share short stories from my personal and professional life here; those that I have experienced myself and those that people have shared with me.

It all started at that moment!

It was the first month of my volunteer work in the playroom of the oncology unit. Sitting at the table and playing with Legos, I saw the psychologist enter the room accompanied by a little girl. She was in white scrubs with tiny blue flowers on it. The sun was shining through the window onto her curly brown hair. It was the first time I saw her, so I tried to be nice and friendly to make a good first impression. The psychologist introduced her to me by telling her name, then asked her to sit on the chair. I smiled at her and thought if she smiled back at me, it would mean to be a good relationship. However, she did not. She and the psychologist started playing with some colorful cubes. The psychologist was describing the cubes in detail and trying to make her motivated and engaged. Looking at them, I had a lot of questions in my mind. “Why did she not respond to my smile?” Didn’t she like me?” Did I do something wrong?” Looking for the answers to my questions, I heard the psychologist tell the girl: “Touch the cubes. Do you recognize the size differences?” I looked at her face again and blamed myself because I did not initially realize it. She lost her vision due to a brain tumor. That was why she did not respond to my smile.


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